Master Data Management

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Master Data Management will consolidate your business foundation

Integrating your IT systems can advantageously be combined with establishing Master Data Management, which brings together and organises all customer, product, supplier and employee data etc. in a single system.

Data quality and Master Data Management are at the heart of any business, and hold considerable potential for improved earnings.

Many businesses collect master data, but the data is typically spread across different departments and systems, which can cost valuable time and increase the risk of errors.

The advantages of gathering data in a single master data system and building up a fixed structure across systems are many: You ensure the same information in all channels and systems, reduce resource consumption, improve control and you create an overview and ensure traceability etc.

GS1 and GDSN

When you sell your products to COOP, Dansk Supermarked, Rema 1000 and other retailers, your product master data has to be in a GDSN database. In Denmark, this database is called GS1 Trade Sync, in Sweden it is Validoo – and there are 30 others around the world.

Bizbrains is part of the GS1 partner programme, and can therefore help with both consulting and implementation.

Read more about GDSN at GS1 Denmark

GS1 and GDSN

Bizbrains recommends Perfion PIM

If you need to organise your product master data, you should use a product information management (PIM) system. A PIM system gathers all the product data, enabling you to then use it across all channels: apps, publications, websites etc.

Bizbrains are experts in the PIM system from Perfion, which in our opinion is one of the most flexible systems on the market.

Bizbrains Recommends Perfion PIM