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Because Bizbrains makes its living selling integration solutions, for instance, EDI, we hear a lot of reasons why businesses don't think it's right for them. So, as a public service, I'm going to list the top five reasons you should NOT do EDI. If any of them apply to your business, you should not, under any circumstances, embark on an EDI project!

1) It's Too Expensive

Don't fall for the propaganda perpetrated by EDI vendors. You'll tell them that it costs way too much to start an EDI program, and they'll respond with silly facts, such as:

  • Your order accuracy will increase exponentially. As a matter of fact, if you have a proper EDI implementation, your order accuracy will be 100 percent.
  • Your returns will be reduced because of the increase in order accuracy.
  • Your customers will be much happier because of your dependability in fulfilling orders.
  • Your employees will be much happier because the tedium in doing things manually will be eliminated.

I guess that when you take all of this into account, EDI actually saves money, so cost is not an issue.
Objection #1: Canceled!

2) What We Already Do Works Fine

Good point. Everything is perfect, isn't it? All those manual tasks keep your employees busy. If EDI were introduced, they might have to spend their time doing much more higher priority, value-added tasks. Employees spending more time adding more value? Actually, that sounds like a win-win for both.
Objection #2: Canceled!

3) Only My Customer (or Supplier) Benefits From EDI

This one is particularly interesting, because if the supplier thinks that the customer is getting all the benefit from EDI and the customer thinks the supplier is getting all the benefit from EDI, maybe they should sit down and compare notes. Let's see, faster invoicing and payment benefits the supplier, more accurate and faster fulfillment of orders benefits the customer, fewer returns benefits both... Seems like both parties benefit from EDI.
Objection #3: Canceled!

4) We Do Not Have Time Right Now

Now there's a valid reason not to do EDI if ever there was one. Who has time to embark on an EDI project when your busy running a business? Who has time to implement EDI when you are busy doing all the manual processes that result in the errors that have to be corrected and the returns that have to processed because of the errors, and all the other menial, value-draining tasks that keep your employees busy? On second thought, it sounds like we can add Objection #4 to the "Cancelled" bin.

5) It's Too Complicated

EDIFACT, mappings, formats, document types, service providers, etc. Who in the world other than an expert can understand all of this? Finally, here's a legitimate reason why companies should NOT do EDI!

On the other hand, I love driving my car, but I know absolutely nothing about how it works. Fortunately, though, I have a great mechanic, so I don't need to. I just enjoy my car.

Likewise, the right EDI solution provider can handle all of the technical issues involved with EDI, so you don't have to become a technical expert. Easier said than done. How do you find the right EDI supplier? At Bizbrains, we are quite confident that we are the right EDI solution provider for you, but don't take our word for it. Ask around. You'll find several of our happy customers who are willing to vouch for us. And when you do, you'll agree with us in saying, Objection #5: Cancelled!


It appears that I've failed to provide the five main objections to starting an EDI project at your company. On the contrary, I've provided five great reasons why you should. All you'll need is a little help. Let Bizbrains provide it to you!



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